Hello bei PauL-ERP

PauL-ERP is a cloud-based system.

The servers are only hosted in Germany and you can choose between different expansion levels and pricing models.


Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.





Keep the overview!

Addresses, articles, receipts ... A lot can come together.
How did this week go, this month? What was it like at this time last year?
Get help with an overview of your business.

You don't fit into any scheme?

We can't make everything fit either. But maybe you feel like it and tell us your wishes and we will look for a way.

Your company

Organize your articles, addresses and receipts in one system. Process everything with your employees.


Connect yourself

We offer you interfaces to other systems, e.g. Datev, Addison, GeDat, xt: Commerce

Be mobile

Whether in the office, cafe or home office. Your ERP is always with you, including data backup.


Got info

Data, data, data.

With our reports you can create your own filters to evaluate.


Write us an e-mail with your e-mail address and we will keep you up to date on news and events from PauL-ERP.