TSE, BON mandatory, Z-Bon, the eternal circus with the tax office. POS is annoying and will continue to be extremely annoying in the future.

We have decided not to be bothered any further and are happy to leave this part in trusted hands.

swtPOS is our partner when it comes to cash registers.

With our long-standing project partner swtPOS, we have decided to link the products with each other.
The POS functions as a stand-alone product or is connected to PauL-ERP.
As soon as the connection is established, the master data is maintained in the ERP and synced to the swtPOS.
The ERP then becomes the leading system.
Sales and the associated stock outs/address data are synced to the ERP.

The swtPOS includes the required TSE obligation (in Germany and Austria) and offers a quick start with its slim design.

Further information can be found at swtPOS